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My Story


Next Gen

Originally from Perth, Australia. After the loss of her mother at the age of five, Alison spent most of her childhood struggling with family issues and dreaming of moving to America. At sixteen years old, she was discovered as a model, giving her the opportunity to travel around the world and eventually to New York City, where she could finally pursue her childhood dream to become an actor. 


Alison landed her first acting role in JOHNNY SUEDE written and directed by Tom Dicillo, which was selected at the Sundance Film Festival. Transformed by this experience, her closet writing addiction began, along with a desire to one day make her own independent films. 


When Alison's two daughters became teenagers, she then decided it was time to produce and direct one of the short films she had written SILENT APRIL (SA). The story was inspired by a close friend with a traumatic brain injury. Having acted for so many years, she understood the process, but needed help putting all of the pieces together. After many hours of research and the realization that she herself was a student of film, this led her to collaborate with the film students at the Santa Fe School of Art and Design where she successfully directed and produced (SA). Excited by the accolades and wanting to take it to the next level, Alison raised some money to produce another short film she wrote, produced and directed called DAHLIA WHITE (DW).


As her life had taken her back to NYC, she used her experience making SA to figure out how to connect and collaborate with several NYU students, including her two daughters, to produce DW, which is currently in post-production. The film will be finished in January 2021.

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