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Fallon Richmond, an accomplished sculpture artist is in an abusive marriage, and on the fringe of insanity, due to hallucinations about a forbidden love, involving a Native American treasure map, from the 1800s.


Avoiding calls for her impending art show, and on the brink of suicide, she receives a call from an art major dropout turned hustler Makenna Walsh. Makenna desperate to save her own life after she was caught stealing from a Casino Owner, Valley Velasquez, where she works, discovers her boss has half of treasure map, she recently saw on a you-tube show about Fallon.


As the two try to meet, a game of cat and mouse ensues. Tommy a Germophobic dirty cop and Valleys henchman, is hot on the trial along with Valleys slick security guard Damon, who conflicted with his past and present is a dead ringer for the soldier Fallon has been hallucinating about.


Makenna and Fallon are both on the run and forced to face their own demons and heal a wound that has spanned over several lifetimes.


Living in Santa Fe for 7 years and my own
personal quest for spiritual understanding,
helped fuel this story. This script has also
inspired me to take up sculpture myself.

Francis Smith is an impetuous teen, who elopes at the tender age of fourteen only to become a single mother one year later.
Francis with unwavering determination, sets out to become a broadway star whilst struggling and juggling the forces of mother hood and the Great Depression.
With the help of her parents, yet at a cost of a strained relationship with her son, Dale finally rekindles her faith, finds success, true love and the essence of having it all , with Hollywood and its golden boy Roy Rogers. 
This script is an inspirational and faith based 
project. Being a mother of two girls, who has also tried to find the balance between career, love and family, I found Dales unwavering
determination, and journey towards personal
and spiritual growth fascinating.



Best emerging writer

Hollywood Women Film Festival 2020

          "Offical Selection"

Los Angeles International Screen Play Awards.  2022

             "Semi Finalist"

Santa Barbara International Screenplay awards. 2022

"           Semi Finalist"
Nashville Film Festival 2017

             "Runner Up"

Christian International Film 
Festival 2021

Big Apple Film Festival and Screen Play competion. 2022

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