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Miss Taken

A short film about two women on blind dates at the same place, the same time, but for very different reasons where they wind up with the wrong men, discovering, that even mistakes have silver linings.

"Finalist Screenplay" Die Laughing Film Festival  2019

"Winner Screenplay" Top Shorts Film Festival  2020

"Winner Screenplay" Los Angeles Independent Film Festival  2020

"Finalist Screenplay" Austin Comedy Film Festival  2020

"Semi finalist Screenplay" Manhattan Short Film Festival   2020

"Semi finalist Screenplay" Hollywood Just 4 Shorts Film Festival  2020

"Official Selection" Portland Comedy Festival 2020

I am a toilet

One hour dark comedy play, that follows the life of Billy Daniels a young woman trying to care for her schizophrenic mother, who looks to "Holly go lightly" to pull her out of her doldrums and into stardom, only to learn that life in movies costs way more than the price of a ticket.

Second rounder "Austin Film Festival 2019.

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